Smog, Haze & Wildfire Super Masks  

  Superior Respiratory Protection For High-Risk Environments  

  • Today's Read - LA Times:  "Wildfire smoke may carry ‘mind-bending’ amounts of  fungi and bacteria, scientists say"     

  Complete 25-Piece Respirator Kit $150.00  
  • This respirator face mask is suitable for use by most men and woman 16 years of age and older. Functionally, this respirator face mask uses a specially designed laboratory certified KN100 disc filter that is the most advanced high-performance respiratory filter available anywhere in the world. In fact, while a typical 3-ply surgical type face mask uses 1 filter layer between two covers, and a typical N95 face mask uses 2 N95 filter layers between two covers, our superior KN100 super filter uses a stack of 4 KN100 filter layers plus 1 pre-filter layer between two covers to provide maximum protection.     

  • This respirator face mask is scientifically proven to reduce inhalation of airborne particulate matter (PM), that is 25 times smaller than the US national standard of PM 2.5 in high-risk environments like smog, haze and wildfires to a minimum efficiency of at least 99.97 percent.

  • "The IARC and WHO designate airborne particulates a Group 1 carcinogen.[7] Particulates are the most harmful form of air pollution[8] due to their ability to penetrate deep into the lungs, blood streams and brain, causing health problems including heart attacks, respiratory disease, and premature death.[9] In 2013, a study involving 312,944 people in nine European countries revealed that there was no safe level of particulates and that for every increase of 10 μg/m3 in PM10, the lung cancer rate rose 22%. The smaller PM2.5 were particularly deadly, with a 36% increase in lung cancer per 10 μg/m3 as it can penetrate deeper into the lungs.[10] Worldwide exposure to PM2.5 contributed to 4.1 million deaths from heart disease and stroke, lung cancer, chronic lung disease, and respiratory infections in 2016.[11] Overall, ambient particulate matter ranks as the sixth leading risk factor for premature death globally.[12]"  

  • This respirator face mask passively uses one's lips, cheeks and teeth to form a seal around a US FDA compliant pure silicone rubber mouthpiece similar to that used by divers and athletes. The mouthpiece is then attached via a small plastic adaptor to the maximum efficiency certified KN100 disc filter to complete the assembly process. 

  • This unique respirator face mask completely eliminates the risk of particulates inhalation due to leakage around the edges of a face mask, as experienced by users of common surgical style face masks and cup type respirator face masks. Such leakage due to every face being different in size and shape due to age, ethnicity, gender, weight and unique facial features. 

  • As this respirator face mask is situated off one's face in an open environment, this design completely eliminates recirculated hot air discomfort and the resulting emotional distress that is experienced by many users of face masks causing premature discontinuation of use.

  • This respirator face mask is extremely light weight and is very comfortable to use. Further, 100% of test subjects reported near effortless breathing during moderate activity.

  • This respirator face mask kit includes 2 different profile silicone rubber mouthpieces and a box of 10 reusable* certified KN100 level disc filters. Additionally, this kit comes with 10 replacement silicone filter gaskets, a connecter adaptor tube, and a box of 100 disposable covers to keep the respirator face mask sanitary when not in use. Further, this kit includes a carry bag with shoulder strap for travel. [*Each filter may be used for weeks or months depending upon the users total amount of exposure to smog, haze or wildfire smoke. When the user experiences difficulty breathing it means the filter is getting clogged-up with particulate matter and should be replaced.]   


Q.  How do I sanitize the mouthpiece and connector tube after use?


A. Simply disconnect the KN100 filter and set it aside. Remove the rubber gasket, then rinse the mouthpiece and connector tube with warm soapy water. (Do not attempt to clean or sanitize the KN100 disc filter, doing so may cause severe damage.) 


Q.  Will air come in through my nose when I breathe?


A. Actually, it is very difficult if not impossible for most of people to breathe through their mouth and nose at the same time. Anatomically, one's soft palate and uvula are pulled back against the back of one's pharynx (upper throat) to isolate the nasal cavity from the esophagus during mouth breathing. This occurs unconsciously.

Q.  How often should I change the orange filter gasket?

A.  One single gasket should last for up to 10 filters. However, if you do damage a gasket we've supplied several extras. 

2020 California Wildfires - San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge

2020 Los Angeles, California Smog

WARNING: •This wildfire super face mask does not produce oxygen. If you are in or near a wildfire location where the oxygen is being depleted escape immediately to a safe place. •Using this smog, haze or wildfire super face mask while physically active can make it harder to breathe. If you have heart or lung problems ask your doctor before using this mask. •If you have difficulty breathing, get dizzy, or have other symptoms while using this mask, go to a place with cleaner air and remove it. •Using this mask especially if it’s hot or you are physically active, can increase the risk of heat-related illness. Take breaks often and drink plenty of water. 

NOTICE:  The US FDA recognizes China filter designation KN100 as being equal to US designation N100, and that it will provide the same high standard respiratory protection. Additionally, at a cost of thousands of dollars, we always have a large number of random filter samples from each of our shipments tested for performance compliance by an independent certified materials laboratory. (A copy of the certified laboratory report is viewable by clicking on the Laboratory Reports tab at the top of this page.)


Further, at a cost of hundreds of dollars, we also have a large number of random silicone mouthpieces from each of our shipments tested by an independent certified materials laboratory for purity of the silicone rubber used. The US standard is that a mouthpiece must be made from food grade silicone rubber rather than much cheaper industrial grade silicone rubber which may contain hazardous chemicals. (A copy of the certified laboratory report is viewable by clicking on the Laboratory Reports tab at the top of this page.)