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  • This face mask device is a personal oral respirator suitable for use by most men and woman 16 years of age and older. Functionally, this face mask device uses the most advanced high-performance respiratory filter available anywhere in the world. This advanced design disc filter is positioned over and through a common surgical style face mask, eliminating the need to use the actual surgical style face mask for breathing purpose. The use of a surgical style face mask is still essential however, as a barrier to isolate one’s nose from surrounding contaminated air.  

  • This face mask oral respirator device is scientifically proven to reduce inhalation of airborne particulate matter (PM) and bioaerosol particles (viruses, bacteria, etc.) in high-risk environments, [like hours of confinement sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in an airliner cabin with 300 strangers] to a minimum standard of at least 99.97 percent. This face mask oral respirator device passively uses one's lips to form a seal around a US FDA compliant pure silicone rubber mouthpiece, similar to that used by divers and athletes. The mouthpiece is then attached via a tube to a maximum efficiency certified KN100 disc filter to complete the assembly process. This KN100 disc filter is superior at capturing nanoparticle size bioaerosols including the COVID-19 virus, the flu virus, and even the common cold virus. Further, this face mask oral respirator device will be able to protect the user against all future virus pandemics; that scientists predict are inevitable.

  • This unique facemask oral respirator device completely eliminates the risk of contaminants and virus inhalation due to leakage around the edges of a face mask, as experienced by users of common surgical style face masks and cup type respirator face masks. Such leakage due to every face being different in size and shape due to age, ethnicity, gender, weight and unique facial features. 

  • As this face mask oral respirator device is situated off one's face in an open environment, this design completely eliminates recirculated hot air discomfort and the resulting emotional distress that is experienced by many users of face masks causing premature discontinuation of use.

  • Further, this face mask oral respirator device does not use a "breath exhaust valve." Therefore, it also filters the user's breath during exhalation. This minimizes the possibility of an infected person spreading a contagious virus to other people. Additionally, this face mask device completely eliminates fogging of one's glasses due to hot breath escaping around the bridge of one's nose.    

  • This face mask oral respirator device is extremely light weight and is very comfortable to use. Further, 100% of test subjects reported near effortless breathing.

  • This face mask oral respirator kit includes a silicone rubber mouthpiece and a box of 10 reusable* certified KN100 level disc filters. Further, this kit comes with 4 spare silicone filter gaskets, and a box of 100 disposable covers to keep the mouthpiece and face mask sanitary when not in use. Further, this kit comes with a carry bag with a shoulder strap for travel.  *Filters may be reused up to 10 full days each when rotated daily pursuant to instructions. (Equivalent to 100 single-use filters.)

  • Finally, this face mask oral respirator kit includes a box of 200 standard surgical style disposable face masks to cover and isolate the user's nose from surrounding contaminated air.

  • NOTE: Face mask ratings such as the highly promoted N95 level face mask are tested in strict laboratory settings under ideal conditions, and assume a perfect seal to one's face 100% of the time. (That is completely unrealistic in real life use.) Absent such perfect seal 100% of the time, the true effectiveness of an N95 face mask may be fatally reduced by as much as 70%. That will make these face masks effectively only able to capture around 28% of particulate matter (PM) and viruses, not 95% as advertised. With regard to the thousands of different ornamental cloth face masks promoted on hundreds of websites, science confirms with absolute certainty that they are virtually useless in capturing any viruses in its woven fabric mesh. The reality is that the little square open spaces between the threads in every fabric, no matter how tightly woven, (lines per square inch) are simply tantamount to massive open doorways that do not even begin to capture or impede the flow of bioaerosol particles like the COVID-19 virus. With regard to our company's new face mask device, it will filter at 100% of its KN100 rating 100% of the time, because a perfect seal to one's lips is inherent in the design and cannot be defeated when used properly and according to directions.      


Q.  Why is it so important to use this new respirator device while flying?


A.  In a word it’s about viral load. Viral load is the total amount of virus one is exposed to at any given time. This means when you consider all the people around you, and your proximity to these people, and the amount of time you are directly exposed to these people, how does that affect your chance of infection. On an airliner you are sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with 300 strangers for hours. That is potentially a very high viral load environment. Even if you are lucky and are not sitting directly next to someone, you are unlikely to be sitting 10' apart in every direction from other passengers. (The current CDC directive.) If anyone on that airliner is infected your viral load risk goes up considerably. If several people are infected your viral load skyrockets because you are then sitting in a floating toxic virus cloud for hours.


Q.  Will I be able to speak while using the mouthpiece?

A.  Actually, some basic simple speech is possible. However the sounds are a little muffled and one needs to use more effort to project their voice. Users must weigh this challenge against the superior protection this face mask oral respirator provides. In an emergency situation, one may just take the face mask respirator out momentarily to convey an important message to others. 

Q.  How do I sanitize the mouthpiece and connector tube after use?


A. Simply remove the KN100 filter and rinse the mouthpiece and connector tube with warm soapy water. Thereafter, spritz with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and let dry naturally for a few minutes. (Do not attempt to clean or sanitize the KN100 filter, doing so may cause severe damage making the filter useless.)    


May not be suitable for those respiratory

challenged or persons absent sufficient teeth.

Not for medical or occupational use.

NOTICE:  The US FDA recognizes China filter designation KN100 as being equal to US designation N100, and that it will provide the same high standard respiratory protection. Additionally, at a cost of thousands of dollars, we always have a large number of random filter samples from each of our shipments tested for performance compliance by an independent certified materials laboratory. (A copy of the certified laboratory report is viewable by clicking on the Laboratory Reports tab at the top of this page.)


Further, at a cost of hundreds of dollars, we also have a large number of random silicone mouthpieces from each of our shipments tested by an independent certified materials laboratory for purity of the silicone rubber used. The US standard is that a mouthpiece must be made from food grade silicone rubber rather than much cheaper industrial grade silicone rubber which may contain hazardous chemicals. (A copy of the certified laboratory report is viewable by clicking on the Laboratory Reports tab at the top of this page.)




 Wildfire Super Masks  

  Superior Respiratory Protection For High-Risk Wildfire Locations  

California Wildfires - San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge / September 10, 2020 @ 1:00 p.m.

1.  IN ADDITION TO THE VERY IMPORTANT PRODUCT AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION ABOVE - Users of these wildfire super face masks should understand that these superior KN100 disc filters do not know the difference between COVID-19 virus molecules or wildfire smoke. (thermally generated particulates) With filters, it's all about the size of the physical matter involved not the origin or composition. This KN100 grade filter will filter both wildfire particulate matter (PM) and bioaerosol particles like the COVID-19 virus down to sub-micron size with 99.97%+ efficiency. That size wildfire particulate matter is invisible to the naked eye. That said, when one sees wildfire smoke in the distance, perhaps even miles away, it is almost certain that he or she is already breathing invisible hazardous particulate matter deep into his or her lungs.              


2.  No other face mask in the world today even comes close to providing this product's superior protection level due to its perfect oral seal design and unique filter technology. As mentioned above in the Virus Shield section (highlighted red text), this 99.97%+ efficiency rating is the actual performance level you can expect to reach every single time you use our product.  


3. Users of our superior respirator face mask for COVID-19 virus protection purposes may reuse each KN100 filter up to 10-days when rotated according to directions. (See: Information above) However, when these filters are used to reduce inhalation of wildfire smoke, they will eventually clog up with particulate matter and become difficult to breathe through. Therefore, the effective lifetime of each wildfire super face mask filter as measured in weeks or months of occasional use, will depend upon exposure time and the density of smoke present during each use. Replacement face mask filters are available for purchase on this site as needed.  


A personal message from company President Tom Leahy. When used properly and according to directions, this wildfire super face mask will fully protect your respiratory system to the highest standard in the world. However, when in a location with a high concentration of wildfire smoke, you may also consider protecting your eyes to alleviate the occasional discomfort of smoke irritation. This is easily accomplished by purchasing a pair of stylish swim goggles (or plain safety goggles if you wear eyeglasses) from one of the hundreds of sellers on ecommerce sites for around $6-$10 each. (Note: Some people do very well with just eye drops.) Additionally, a small bottle of anti-fog spray ($3) will be useful. I would have been happy to include a pair of goggles in this kit. However, as every face is a different size and shape due to age, ethnicity, gender, weight and unique facial features, that would be impossible. Further, fashion is an individual taste and you can be as Hollywood or as conservative as you like. You do not need to chose between style and functionality, as today you can get both in the same product. Finally, you do not need to wear your goggles all the time; just during the times smoke is affecting your eyes. [TIP] Depending on the species of trees and composition of other forest vegetation being burned, sometimes a kind of vapor called off-gassing occurs. In some instances this may cause minor throat irritation. In those instances we find that common sore throat spray applied as needed while using the mask completely eliminates this irritation.  [WARNING] While using this wildfire super mask, do not use any kind of throat lozenge, candy or gum to reduce throat irritation as it may become lodged in your throat and cause serious injury or death.  

NOTICE:  •This wildfire super face mask does not produce oxygen. If you are in or near a wildfire location where the oxygen is being depleted escape immediately to a safe place. •Using this wildfire super face mask while physically active can make it harder to breathe. If you have heart or lung problems ask your doctor before using this wildfire super face mask. •If you have difficulty breathing, get dizzy, or have other symptoms while using this wildfire super face mask, go to a place with cleaner air and remove it. •Using this wildfire super face mask, especially if it’s hot or you are physically active, can increase the risk of heat-related illness. Take breaks often and drink plenty of water.